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Why birds and birding?

Birds are beautiful, fascinating and incredible in so many ways. They can be found in every continent and in almost every type of habitat, even within urban centres. 


Birding is an easy and accessible way to experience nature, no matter your skill or interest levels. My goal is to foster a true appreciation and love of birds within you so that you may always enjoy these feathered wonders wherever you are.


Ready to get our there?  Click on the two options below and let's begin planning your adventure! 

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The south coast of British Columbia is a beautiful area with an incredible diversity of birds throughout any season. Local parks hold many treasures and it's possible to get a rich birding experience even within cities or suburbs.


Whether you're a beginner looking to experience the world of birds for the first time or are interested in becoming an expert owl-finder, I offer private and customized bird walks that cater to your interests.

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Birds are stunning subjects to photograph and spend time with. If you are looking to master your camera settings or learn more about creating beautiful images, I offer custom workshops that cater specifically to your skills and goals.

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