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Guided Bird Walks & Tours

The mild weather and diverse habitats around the greater Vancouver area provides excellent birding opportunities year-round.


During the cold months, hundreds of thousands of water birds such as Surf Scoter and Dunlin overwinter on our coast. In the summer, forests are filled with the songs of Yellow Warblers, Swainson's Thrush and Rufous Hummingbirds. Various species of owls such as Barred Owl and Great Horned Owl can also be seen all year. 

Groups and Organizations I've guided for:


Custom & Private Tours

Number of Participants
Short Tour (1.5 Hours)
Half Day Tour (4 Hours)
Full Day Tour (8 Hours)

*Additional participants are $30 each

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Vineet, Canada

I absolutely loved the bird walk. It was my first ever experience and this certainly has stirred curiosity to explore more. I loved how Kris kept us informed and shared the interesting facts and information about various birds. For a person who is trying to dive into learning about the environment and how our actions impact it, this was certainly an eye opener. 

Jin, Canada

I learned so much about the species and the behaviours of birds from this walk. It was especially interesting to learn about the migratory patterns of different bird species, and really inspiring for me to think about conservation efforts in consideration of migratory birds. I really appreciate this opportunity and thank you again for an amazing event!

Dominica, Canada

This bird walk was a great way to meet fellow BIPOC birders and explore a beautiful place I've never been before! Kris kindly shared his bountiful knowledge about local bird species, and some bonus facts about international bird-related history. 

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