Guiding & Services

Private Photography Workshops

What makes a great bird photo? Is it the subject, the details or the light? I firmly believe that you can create stunning and impactful images with the right set of skills and a thorough understanding of your gear. 

If you're new to bird photography or looking to step up the quality of your images, I offer 1.5 hour workshops for $150/person that is tailored to your specific goals and interests. Get in touch to schedule a fun and personalized outing or to learn more. 


If you're looking to decorate your space or offer a gift to a loved one, I sell high quality greeting cards (starting at $7) and canvas prints (staring at $150) for any of my photos on the website. Please get in touch to get a quote.

Guided Bird Walks

I regularly lead bird walks around the south coast of British Columbia. Local parks hold many treasures and it's possible to get a rich birding experience within a 30 minute drive of the city.


Wether you're a beginner looking to experience the world of birds or an intermediate seeking to become an expert owl-finder, I offer 1.5 hour guided bird walks for $40/person. Get in touch to schedule an adventure or to learn more.

Groups and organizations I've guided for: 

  • Stanley Park Ecology Society

  • Richmond Public Library

  • City of Richmond

  • BC Bird Trail 

  • Birds Canada

  • Vancouver Avian Research Centre

  • Discover Surrey

Video Storytelling 

I find stories in science and conservation endlessly fascinating. The research procedures and struggles in the field/lab are often under reported in the final results. I want to help bring your stories to life so that your partners, funders and supporters appreciate and value your passion and research. Do you think so as well? Let's get in touch to make it happen.